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The turn of a NEW DAY. The clock ticks away. Time, the great equalizer arrives upon us all – the billionaires and those that are struggling alike – the same 24 HOURS.

Each tick a second. Each tock a moment.

How we choose to spend it, contribute or consume, signals either our rise or fall and our ultimate success. Time is more than money; it’s a SLICE of life of which we’re only granted so much.

Carving out an extra hour a day for your business may seem like a complex task, a mere 60 minutes, but it amounts to a staggering 365 hours in a year. That’s equivalent to 45.6 full 8-hour workdays, or 2.5 months of full-time-work!

You read that right. If you can spare yourself 1 hour per day, you are going to regain 2.5 months of full-time-work and productivity in your business.

But how can you possibly squeeze another hour into an already saturated (and hectic) day? The answer lies in maximizing productivity with the time that you do have.

Reduce Time Wasters, Increase Efficiency…

Let’s look at a few simple solutions that you can leverage to reclaim some time:

(1) Reducing social media use, it’s that EASY. Ever find yourself frantically scrolling through Facebook, or mindlessly double-tapping Instagram photos? Turns out, those ‘few minutes’ stack up in a big way. By simply taming your social media habits, you gain back chunks of precious TIME.

According to DataReportal, the typical user spends about 2.5 hours per day on social media. That’s 864 hours a year of scrolling through apps, equivalent to 36 days or a little over a month. So if you cut that out, you are going to be WELL ahead of reclaiming these 2.5 months back in your productive schedule.

Think about that.

(2) Next, employ your own digital assistant – Artificial Intelligence. AI’s ability to remove mundane tasks such as research, education, and content-side activities are a GAME-CHANGER. It elevates the bar for efficiency and, yes, reclaims more time in your day. You have a ton of training here at WA on AI side hacks that you can leverage in your business for get a lot more efficiency out of your same hours.

One example is that if you could reduce the time it takes to create and publish and article from 2 hours, to 1 hour that would add another 2.5 months of full-time-work back into your business. That’s huge.

(3) Goal setting. It’s fundamental. Imagine pinpointing your focus only what’s important, leaving other distractions in the dark. When you sit down to work, tackling one goal at a time paves the way for productivity.

Don’t try to be a multitasker (which I do find myself trying to do lots), you can only in reality focus on ONE project at time. The more focus you have on that project, the better quality work you will be doing anyways.

(4) Lastly, take a hard look at your daily activities. Cut off any that don’t project positivity or success in your life. They will only serve as anchor weights, pulling you down. REMOVE them. DEDICATE that time to be productive.

By incorporating these strategies, the ‘lack of time’ excuse fades. You’re left standing ahead, in full control of your 24 hours with CONFIDENCE, ready to claim your victories.

So, the question is not ‘How can I find more time? but rather ‘How can I make time-work for me?’ A bit of a paradigm shift.

And that leads me from how you can reduce the waste in your day, to how you can cultivate more positive habits with the time you do have…

Cultivating Positive Habits in Your Life

Extraordinary. That’s what you are. As an entrepreneur, as a doer, as a dreamer. And extraordinary people don’t just happen. They grow. From their habits.

A business blooms from the seeds of habits you instill in your day to day activities. You’d be stunned at the power packed in the small things.

(1) Shine in the “morn”. The dawn is jealous of a successful entrepreneur, lol. Yes, it can be hard to peel yourself from the comfort of your bed in the AM…and hit the snooze button more times that you can count, but a healthy morning routine can serve as a launch pad for a successful day. Attacking the day as soon as your alarm rings sends the world a clear message: You’re ready to conquer.

I have personally moved in the last year from “late nights” to earlier bed time and much earlier mornings and this shift has been a good one. Of course, you have to do what makes sense with your schedule, but getting up at 6, 5 or 4am and getting to bed early can reclaim a whole new world of productivity.

(2) Retain good habits through the day. The story doesn’t end at dawn. Good habits should continue through the day. Sustain the positive momentum with self-discipline. Stay the course throughout the day’s highs and lows (as we all have them). It’s a simple concept with untold promise. Discipline is freedom. Embrace it…and just be conscious of it.

As much as productivity drives your business forward, remember this vital concept: YOU are your business. If you don’t take care of yourself, your business will falter. A balanced diet. Sufficient sleep. Regular exercise. All non-negotiable. They’re not just positive habits. They’re your lifeline.

Energy. Enthusiasm. Empathy. Surround yourself with people who possess these virtues. They resonate positivity. They encourage your growth. Your network is your net worth.

Invest in yourself. Cultivate habits. Transform into the extraordinary entrepreneur that you are destined to be. Your habits are the roots that anchor your dreams.

Embracing the 24-Hour Mindset. It’s All Any of Us Have.

That’s right, folks. No one, not Elon Musk or Oprah Winfrey, has more than 24 hours in a day. We ALL hold the same resource. Yet, some soar in their industry while others remain grounded. The differentiation lies in the MINDSET.

It’s easy to harbor limiting beliefs. To think, ‘I do not have enough TIME’. Ditch that belief. Today. It’s not about the lack. It’s about UTILIZATION. You have as much time as anyone else, the magic is in how you USE it.

Realize this – Successful entrepreneurs didn’t stumble upon a secret stash of time. No, they took advantage the exact same 24 hours that YOU hold. They sculpted their lives by making hours BEND to their goals.

And take ACTION. It’s one thing to know, another to do. Imagine the dividends a mere extra hour at your venture would bring. That’s 2.5 months of earnest effort every year ADDED. It can be strategy, or it could be scaling. Every tiny increment of time dedicated to your venture, creates new opportunities.

So in all reality your only competition is the CLOCK. Harness your 24 hours and watch as you construct the empire of your dreams!

What are you going to do today to create more time in your day?


This article was written by Kyle one of the co founders of Wealthy Affiliate, I just had to share this great information.


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