Are you a quitter?

Are you a quitter?

Do you quit something when you reach your first obstacle? or do you push thru? We learn life’s lessons by going thru difficult times. We grow and stretch ourselves in different ways. This is when you become stronger.

When you have a business online, it takes a lot of time at first. You are learning new skills and information about your niche and getting started by working on the internet. If you are brand new to the computer, you might want to take a computer class to get formilar with the keyboard and such.

Picking a Computer Training Program

With so many computer training programs available, it can quickly become overwhelming to try to pick a course. To narrow down your selection, identify what you want to learn. Many computer training programs are geared towards a specific audience. If you want to learn about using computers in the workplace, look for a more technical program. Some programs even list in the description if they are targeted towards workers. You can also look at job listings and see the required technical skills, then look for classes that focus on those areas.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. If a program seems good but doesn’t include a set list of what you learn, reach out to the provider and explain what you are trying to get out of the program. Even if the program ends up being a poor fit for what you want, the course provider can likely recommend a better course.

Online vs. In-person Classes

Another decision you must make when selecting computer training programs is whether you take the course online or in-person. Previously, there was a healthy mix of in-person and online classes. Many universities hosted free tutorials throughout the year.

Online classes have many advantages over in-person courses. The biggest advantage is the ability to fit online courses into your schedule. You can take the classes at your own convenience, allowing you to work or attend other classes in the day. The shorter nature of computer training programs makes it even easier to build into your schedule. Many students are also more comfortable taking the lessons at their own pace and experimenting at home instead of being limited to however much time is available in a physical classroom.

The downside of taking a computer training program online is the lack of communication. Because the classes rely on using a computer, it can naturally be difficult to follow or even access the lessons if you are unsure how to use your computer in the first place. Online classes are best if you understand the basics of using a computer, but either want to become proficient in a specific program for work, or want to learn common shortcuts and other uses for your computer.

Senior Computer Classes: What You Need To Know

If you are a senior and would like to learn how to use a computer, but thought it was too difficult, you should know that learning to use today’s computers takes very little time. The use of a computer in today’s society offers seniors additional independence as well as entertainment and socialization opportunities. Just google free computer classes for seniors and a lot of information will pop up.

Check with your local library to see if they offer free online computer classes. If you have a vo tech near you, they may even offer classes. You will not know till you check it out for yourself.

So now if you are ready you start looking for online affiliate programs to make money online at home. There area lot of programs out there. Take your time in choosing. I’m a senior (65) and chose a program called Wealthy Affiliate

I started august 2022 and I love this program. You can work it around your schedule and there is no pressure. You can even try it out for free.


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