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We are all searching for that magic link that will bring us overnight success, I do not believe there is one, at least I never found one. Most of the programs by these “Gurus” are nothing more than scams. If you want to be successful on line there is learning to curve. You just can’t make a website then send to you friends and family.

You have to build a solid foundation to grow you business. Yes it takes time to build. Anything worthwhile takes time, patience, practice then you will start to see growth in you affiliate business.

However you need to find the program that will be the best fit for you.

I have messed around on the internet for many years, lost a lot of money. I quit the internet for about seven years. I just recently have joined a wonderful affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate.

I’d like you to read what one of the co-owners has to say about affiliate marketing in general.

From Kyle

Will I be successful online and when?


If I work at this, how long will it take me to achieve success?

These are some very common questions I get, so I thought I would spend a few minutes explaining what the “process” of success looks like and some expectations you can have.

There are some really obvious things I have learned over the years in terms of those who will achieve success and those that don’t.

I think that if you are sitting in the boat wondering when success is going to strike or if you are just getting rolling and these are questions that have been possibly preventing you from moving forward, what I am going to tell you will be insightful and perhaps quite revealing.

Success is more patient than you…

The only time I see someone fail within the online world is when they quit…prematurely of their success. As we are building a business, sometimes we hit a crossroad or a difficult time when something doesn’t make sense, something “breaks”, or something simply is confusing the heck out of us.

The easiest way out is to quit. The more difficult way is to push on.

Guess which option MOST people choose? Quitting.

Guess who ends up reaping all the rewards of a successful business? The Pushers.

So be patient, give success time and realize that it is not going to happen overnight.

Working for a MONTH really hard won’t lead to success, Working for a YEAR Will.

Keeping on this topic, most people have run into their fair share of GURU scams/offers claiming instant riches. Perhaps that is why some folks think that success within a month is a viability, when in fact it is not.

Success takes time.

Before you create a thriving business, you must first work on building a foundation for that success to build on. I always say, you cannot build a skyscraper on a mud foundation. The same as you cannot build a very successful online business without a website, without quality content, without rankings, and without an understanding of how to do all of this properly.

It is at that point that you have a foundation, that you can start building out you website for success.

Success is not on a “clock”, the determining factor is YOUR actions and YOUR hard work.

It happens at different rates for different people. Every niche is different, every website is different, and each one of us is different in our very own unique way. This is the cool part of business. We can all take a seemingly parallel path to creating a business, but very different at the same time and create a ridiculous amount of success.

I personally took 3+ months before I experienced any income online, by month 6 I was creating income with consistency, and by the year mark I was earning what would be deemed as a decent full time income.

Here I sit, 13 years later of being full time online… I am sure glad I didn’t put a clock or a time limit on my success. I simply said, I am going to achieve success…whatever it takes and I drew out my path to get there. Anyone can do what I am doing, that is what I find so crazy…but very few are willing to give themselves enough time to do it.

Treat business like a CAREER and it will become one.

I want to try a new venture! This is a new opportunity! Let’s give this Internet thingy a whirl. Those are the statements that scare the crap out of me.

The reason. People saying those are coming into this with the wrong idea.

This is the real world, this is business, and the online business world is no different from the offline business world in that (a) there is very little overhead to getting a business up and running (b) there is far more opportunity online than offline, 2.8 billion people in fact (c) there is no limit to you potential. You set you own goals.

The problem is that if you walk into the online world like it is some “opportunity” or some “venture” you are creating, it instantly tells me that you are going to take the “try until it dies” approach. Nobody has created a successful business without treating it like a long term BUSINESS. You are in business. For yourself. Treat it that way.

So when will the “S” word happen for you?

Only YOU can determine that. What I can tell is you is that it CAN and it will happen if you dedicate yourself, work hard, and remain persistent until/after you achieve you goals.

What I can tell you is that you have absolutely everything you need here at Wealthy Affiliate other from the YOU part.

Make today you day that you commit you you future, one that is not a month out or a few months out…but a year out and that will lead to several years within the online space.

Rooting for you and you inevitable success. 😉

Do you feel like you ready to leap into Affiliate Marketing? It’s free to get started.

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