Bank failures? Closers?

What is going on in this country? Did you see this coming. I do not want anyone to lose their money that they worked so hard for. So for now the government will be “helping” one of these banks. I’m grateful that this did not metastasized across the country. This affects payroll for many employers. If they can not pay their employees what are the employees to do? 

Companies could start laying off people. I have been thru layoffs many many times, you never get caught up. It was either feast or famine. 

This is why you need passive income. This is the income you make while sleeping or doing other things in your day. There is a way to make passive income by becoming an a affiliate with a good company. It does take time to get the education needed to be successful. There is no program that can fulfill the overnight get rich scam. Some gurus say sign with me I will make you rich, all they do is take your money and break your heart. 

I am an affiliate with an opportunity that teaches me in steps how to be successful and a group of people that I can ask questions they get answered. There is always help available. 

The name of this opportunity is called Wealthy Affiliate. I encourage you to take a look. It’s also free to get started.

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