Do you have negative people in your life?

Do you have negative people in you life?

Okay you decided you are going to get involved with net work marketing. You then check out all affiliate programs available. Some are very good others I just pass on.

So you find one that you feel really good about. Called wealthy affiliate.

You start the training and you feel really good about this opportunity until you share it with you spouse.

So they say, why not give it up already. How many times have you tried before and failed? Suddenly you balloon is a little deflated.

So you call up you best friend and share the exciting news that you are now an affiliate marketer. What do they say? They laugh and say why are you doing this to yourself again. You know you fail at every opportunity you try. Why do you think this one is special? Let’s just go for coffee and catch up on the latest gossip. Now you balloon is a little more deflated. So you call up one of you children who you desperately hope will give you the confidence you need, they say oh that’s nice mom and off they go telling you all about what’s going on in their lives. Or they ask you to babysit or do their laundry etc…

Your balloon is now totally flat.

What to do? When do you feel nobody supports you? You know deep in you heart that you spouse does not want you to waste money on another opportunity or anything that takes time away from him and his needs. Your best friend secretly does not want you to become successful. He or she does not ant you to better yourself. She/he wants you to stay the same and not get ahead of in life. Also, he/she may just be scared that you will this time achieve you dreams without his or her help. Your child thinks this is another of mom’s crazy schemes and will not last longer than few weeks. Now that you have been shot down by everyone who matters what do you do? First you cry then take a big breath. Now that’s all over, take a piece of paper and right down the reasons why you got involved in a program again. You are you biggest cheerleader not the naysayers. You now understand what it takes to build a solid foundation. You know it’s done one brick at a time till completed. As with this opportunity it’s one step at a time, and do not pressure yourself. Have you ever heard this before?

If it’s meant to be then it’s up to me. You can do this. You do not need anyone else approval. No need to pull the’ll show them…. This is not a performance for anyone. You know internally what you capable of. Sometimes you just have to trust you gut feeling. When you reach success then you understand just what you are capable of. Nothing can stop you but you.

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