Do you have Tunnel Vision when it comes to your success?

Do you have Tunnel Vision when it comes to your Success?

Tunnel Vision Blurs the Big Picture

Tunnel vision is a failure to see the big picture.

Tunnel vision is a term used to describe when someone considers only one part of a problem or situation, or holds a single opinion rather than having a more general understanding. It can be both beneficial and detrimental to success depending on the context. In some cases, it can help you focus on your goals and achieve them faster by eliminating distractions and staying motivated. However, it can also lead to negative consequences such as missing out on opportunities and failing to see the big picture.



When it comes to success, contrary to what many no-nothing non-experts tell you, an open mind is not the answer. You need to develop a closed mind to anything that gets in your way.

An open mind can be useful when analyzing a concept or reevaluating a belief. But business is not a philosophical exercise, it’s a battlefield. So is success in any other goal you want to pursue. To be successful means you have to pick the right business and attack it with a CLOSED mind. Because a closed mind is a certain mind.

Sure you can pivot and analyze and monitor, but the core of what you’re doing in any major endeavor, has to come from that closed minded tunnel vision towards your success and greatness.

To see how to use tunnel vision to succeed, check out the video and audio below.


The secret to success.

the real secret, is that there is no secret. No book, no pill and no seminar is going to make you successful.

No amount of wishful thinking or positive intent will get you what you want. Everything you want is a scarce resource that you have to compete for until the day that you die.

Resources are limited and wants are unlimited.

The nature of the system means you’re not supposed to get what you want.

You are supposed to be unhappy about it. You’re supposed to live for the weekend.

You’re supposed to accept it.

You’re supposed to be too stupefied by poverty, work and distractions to be able to change.

For one person to win, many people have to lose. For every Brad Pitt there are a million broken dreams. Winning is unnatural. You’re not supposed to win.

Losing is natural. You’re supposed to lose.You’re supposed to live a life of quiet desperation.

Predators understand this. They build their success off the backs of losers. Predators sell losers fantasy solutions, fantasy dreams, fantasy secrets. In reality, they don’t give about you, only your money. No one cares if you succeed. Most people are too busy getting beat down by their own problems to even think about you.

Maybe only a handful of people care about you and that’s if you’re lucky. Everything you want you have to do yourself. Don’t expect a mentor. Don’t expect people to help you. Don’t expect people to understand. Instead, expect people to disappoint you. Expect business partners to betray you. Expect people to sell you bullsh*t dreams.

YOU have to work for YOU

There is only one goal. One Vision, is to get to the TOP


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