Feel like you are a Punching Bag?

I am not a fan of boxing or any other violent sport.

But the reality is that now and then life will punch you on your face.

You will have challenges.

You will fail over and over again.

You will get knocked down.

Brian Tracy likes to ask from his audience, “Is there anyone here who has ever had any problems in his life?”

Everyone raises their hands.

The question is not whether you will have challenges.

The question is how will you respond to your challenges.

The winners are made in the moments of struggle.

The winners fail much more than failures ever will.

The winners will try, try, try, try, try, try, try…. UNTIL THEY SUCCEED!

Failures quit at their first failure.

Some failures try a few times and then they quit because “it was too hard”. Truth: It’s never too hard. You will just need to practice more.

As Jim Rohn likes to say, “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.”

Remember this next time when you’ll face challenges:

YOUR RESPONSE to the challenges will define whether you’ll succeed or fail.

Everyone faces challenges. How you’ll respond to them makes the difference.

Be a winner.

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