How to beat procrastination and build your Dream

Hi! so I bet your wondering how to build your online business when you just do not “feel like” starting right now.

Well, today you are in luck because there are Three types of procrastination holding you back and today, I want to help you beat them forever from this post.

Let’s go over each of them one by one.

  1. The “Dopamine Seeker”
    • this type of procrastination is simple. If you just want to FEEL good but you are not really that keen on changing your life right now.
    • A lot of people in jobs want to FEEL like their life is getting better. It gives them some dopamine.
    • And who doesn’t’ love the idea of living the dream life on an island somewhere like Koh Samui…
    • But when it comes to taking action -they stop taking action very quickly.
    • If you struggle with this kind of procrastination- I recommend you set bigger goals and think about what you want in life.
    • If you are not motivated enough to work on your business after your 9-5, then your goals are not inspiring enough.
  2. The “Don’t Know How” Procrastinator
    • These kind of people just don’t know How to do something.
    • So they procrastinate because it feels overwhelming.
    • If you struggle to do something after some deep digging you realize it’s because you just don’t know How to do it.
    • Then it’s time to get a coach to help teach you How to do it.
    • The amount of time you spend stressing and procrastinating is not worth it.
    • Rather make a small investment into getting and then you won’t struggle with this type of procrastination anymore.
    • Most people who become successful struggled before they had a mentor-and you just need someone to show you a better way.
  3. The Worrier
    • This used to be me. I’m sure I am not the only one.
    • Even when I knew what to do and wanted to do it-I still worried I would fail.
    • I was afraid I’d make mistakes or lose my savings or get scammed or something
    • So for years I was just Stuck.
    • But the longer I waited-the more challenging my situation got.
    • I had to STOP WORRYING and take ACTION.
    • So I did….
  4. I took action to build my business and now I’m here to share this story.
    • So take sometime today to see which of these procrastinations you are-{or maybe you are a little bit of all of them like I used to be}…

My Opportunity that I took advantage of is called WEALTHY AFFILIATE

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