I haven’t blogged that long yet but I have noticed…

I haven’t blogged that long yet but I have noticed that there are common problems that we writers have.

Thankfully there are ways to overcome these blocks. These are the most common ones that I have noticed.

1. Niche- What shall I choose?

If you ask for anyone; is selecting your niche relevant? The answer will be YES. Some of us had no problems with choosing the right niche that you are passionate about, but it might not be that easy to everyone.

The most important thing about selecting the right niche is that you are really passionate and interested in to the specific topic. You have to have confidence to deliver the information to your followers.

2. Starting your writing career

had problems with this one. I have never been a great writer, not even in school. I don’t know why, but it has never been easy for me.

Start writing without any experience might be the hardest thing at first but when you overcome that, you feel like superstar ????????

3. Lack of ideas

This just happened to me. I posted my last post on Saturday and after that I had no ideas on my mind. I bet this happens to everyone and here are some ways to get ideas what to write on.

  • Close your computer and go out for a walk. Refresh your head with fresh air. You might get more ideas somewhere else than staring your empty writing template.
  • Read more, including books, blogs or anything that comes your way. It might open yourself to new ideas that can contribute to what you really desire to write.
  • Research from internet what to write.

4. Confidence

This one is a dangerous problem. If you face this one, you are not getting anywhere. Being confident does not only mean that you know your niche but it also means that you are ready demand what you are worth.

Your fears are your biggest enemies and you shouldn’t think “what if”? You won’t be able to focus on your dreams when you are thinking what else might happened. Like Arnold
Schwarzenegger said on his motivational speech: “Forget plan B. To test yourself and grow, you have to operate without a safety net.”

So, stick to your plan A! ????

What are your biggest challenges being a writer?

– Mira

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