I want to help you think outside the box on

Hi I want to share this blog from a very good friend.

I want to help you think outside the box on whatever you are promoting.

Back in 1988, I came home to Wisconsin USA in April after serving in the U.S. Marines for 8 years and that Summer we had a scorcher of a summer so I came up with an idea to have a T-shirt printed up for retail.

I was able to put it in a few retail stores on consignment, but I wanted to be able to promote it also somehow hopefully for as little as possible. I wasn’t expecting to get rich on this idea, but it would be nice to make some money.

So what I did was I mailed a free T-shirt to 3 different Weather men at their TV stations. To my surprise, 2 of them during their Live Weather report held the T-shirt up and told them I had sent them the shirt and they thought it was a cool shirt.

With Red over the White T-shirt it said:

“I survived the HOT Summer Drought of ” The letter O in HOT was represent by the Sun.

I did make a few direct extra sales because of that, but the coolest thing to me was seeing my shirt on TV! 🙂

What got me to thinking about this is I am attempting to promote a prank book that I recently published. So I sent a gift copy to a prominent American.

I believe if he sees it, he will find it to be funny and I hope funny enough that he might mention it on Social Media or even hold it up during some of his events.

The potential for sales is truly unlimited, but even if he just mentioned it, I would be happy with that. He’ll receive it around May 24th and I am definitely anxious to see what, if anything happens.

Oh by the way, his name is President Donald J Trump. 🙂

Wow! talk about taking a risk.


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