Life is better when you’re laughing!

Life is better when you’re laughing!

by MTCandela

As the holiday season draws near, let’s embrace the festive spirit that brightens our days. I recently turned to my trusty personal assistant for assistance, and it graciously provided me with the following:

Why did the marketer bring a ladder to the marketing conference? Because they heard the key to success was reaching new heights!

Why did the marketer go broke? Because they couldn’t find their niche!

How do you organize a space party? You “planet” with a great marketing campaign!

Why did the marketer bring a pencil to the brainstorming session? In case they needed to draw some “organic” traffic!

Why did the marketing team hire a gardener? To help them “grow” their online presence!

Why did the marketer get kicked out of the coffee shop? Because they kept asking for more “ROI” with their latte!

How do you know when a marketing campaign is working? When you see a “click-tionary” increase in website traffic!

Why did the marketer become a gardener? Because they heard you could really “cultivate” a following that way!

What did one marketer say to the other at the salad bar? “Lettuce target our audience!”

Why did the marketer become a beekeeper? Because they wanted to create some “buzz” around their brand!

What’s a marketer’s favorite type of music? “Sales” pop!

How do marketers stay cool in the summer? They use their “fan” base!

Why did the marketer bring a ladder to the email marketing conference? To reach the “inbox”!

Why did the marketer refuse to play cards with the SEO expert? Because they knew they’d always “rank” higher!

What did the email marketer do when they got a promotion? They “clicked” their heels!

Why did the marketer start a bakery? Because they wanted to “dough”minate the market!

How do marketers stay in shape? They do a lot of “targeted” exercises!

Why did the marketer bring a broom to the meeting? To “sweep” the competition!

What did the social media manager say to the content creator? “Let’s make this post go viral, and we’ll be the ‘influencer’!”

How do marketers celebrate a successful campaign? They throw a “conversion” party!

What do you call a marketer who can play the guitar? A “strategist”!

Why did the marketer start a band? Because they wanted to increase their “band-width”!

What’s a marketer’s favorite snack? “Organic” traffic cones!

Why did the marketer get a promotion? Because they had a “stellar” performance!

How do you make a marketer smile on a Monday? Tell them it’s “Marketing Monday”!

What did one marketing agency say to the other? “Let’s collaborate and ‘ad’-vance our businesses!”

Why did the marketer bring a map to the content strategy meeting? To help them “navigate” through the marketing landscape!

What do you call a marketing conference on a boat? “Sales on the Seas”!

How did the marketer propose to their partner? They said, “Will you be my ‘brand’ for life?”

Why did the marketer always carry a parachute? Because they knew the marketing world could be a “free fall” at times!

I hope these marketing jokes brought a smile to your face!

I enjoyed these quips; I thought I would share. These are from another affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Some pretty good ones in there!! Do you have other tips for laughing more throughout your day? Especially when it’s a busy one? Sometimes it feels like you have to stay on track with your to-dos and there’s not enough time to be silly. After reading this though I want to make it more of a priority! I’d love to get your advice on staying a bit more light-hearted! Thanks for making me smile.


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