Never give up

Never give up

Take a look at this photo, we’ll come back to it soon. It’s just a little yellow flower that I saw on my morning walk, growing between some nettles and other plants in the hedgerow.

How often do we hear would be entrepreneurs talking excitedly about their latest “Project Million Dollars”, about the 100-foot yacht they saw at Monaco boat show (if you’ve not been – go, it’s worth it) and that they are going to own by next Christmas.

And a month later, we meet them again.

No, it didn’t work, they tell you. Wrong product, wrong system, everything wrong except their own attitude to an entrepreneur’s life.

It takes time to build a business from nothing.

Massive overnight results are just not going to happen so be patient. One of my favorite mantras is “A thousand small steps will get you there”. Little by little you can grow your business, and each day it will become stronger and more established. One more day of effort, and another, will all add up to success. You will see the light if you keep pushing forwards. Ignore the doubts, the criticism, the doomsayers and all those that don’t want you to succeed just because they couldn’t do what you are doing.

So don’t give up. Take that next step, and the next, and the next …

And that little yellow flower. That’s you.

When it started on its journey it was no more than a tiny seed, no bigger than a full stop on this page. Surrounded by all that competition from dozens of plants that grow quicker and more abundantly. But little yellow flower is not put off. It steadily grows in the dark, day by day it is heading towards the light. Until one day it is in the light and now it can open and flower.

And guess what. When people see that hedgerow, the only thing they see is your little yellow flower. Surrounded by all that competition, your little yellow flower is the center of attention.

They don’t see the other plants growing at the side, they only see your products, your website, your blogs.

So, every time you see a little yellow flower, just think, that is me, growing day by day.


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