Nice weather?

Nice weather can be a determent to your success. I’m not saying don’t go outside and enjoy the beauty of spring. What I am saying is once it gets really warm and summer like people tend to whittle down, then completely stop working on there business losing their momentum that took them so long to build in the first place.

Please do not let this be you! Maybe you need to sit down and write your three month summer plan before the play dates, swimming, barbecues and vacations for the summer start.

you’ve worked hard all fall and winter to become established in your niche don’t let all that hard work be for nothing.

I looked back in my business journal to see the work I have done for the month of April.

21 welcomes to new members

23 posts

3 blogs

8 classes

4 trainings

35 pins in pinterest

now for some of you this nothing but for me it’s a huge accomplishment,

But now at the beginning of May I am starting to slip already. This first week 20 welcomes of new members

3 classes

0 trainings

4 posts

I mark tasks to do everyday in my journal. I can already see I am not keeping up. I am going to come up with a doable plan.

Do not let this happen to you! Continue on your path to your success.

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