Show people value, do so with empathy, and know

Show people value, do so with empathy, and know who you are writing to.

The PennyMatters

In searching for better ways to be an affiliate marketer, I came across the above quote. We all want to be successful in this venture. There are 4 PS that are factors contributing to our success: product, price, promotion, and place.

As an affiliate marketer, we are promoting someone else’s product. You want to build trust, so this product has to be good. You have to believe in what you are trying to sell. How you feel about a product must show up in your content. If you come across as not being authentic, people will not relate to you and will not follow your recommendations.

I am very serious about becoming an affiliate marketer. I think I am in the right place. There is a lot to learn and it will take time to feel really competent. I have to be patient and not try to rush things. I know if I persist, I will be successful.

A big part of the process is identifying an audience. Then I must gain trust. I am here to serve my audience. There are no shortcuts. I must do whatever is necessary to demonstrate my honesty and sincerity.

I have to get to know all about my audience. I need to learn what their needs are, and how I can fulfill their needs. I need to solve their problems. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

As an affiliate marketer, I must keep customer wants and needs at the forefront. There is indeed a lot to learn, about products and about the audience. It will take time but the effort will be worth it, and profitable as well.

You cannot be successful if you do not know your audience.

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