So You Wait?

So you signed up for a new on line business.

You posted a few blogs

You sit back and you wait

Wait, wait and wait.

You start to doubt yourself and this business you signed up with.

You feel like you made a mistake so now your off to looking for a new opportunity.

So you post a few blogs and sit back and wait.

Wait wait wait

In affiliate marketing you need to understand that it’s not an

overnight get rich opportunity.

It takes research of a topic and wording it in a simple paragraphs that customers will understand.

And you can’t just post any old thing

And expect to get a huge audience.

You must stick to a certain topic. If you are writing about electric stoves you shouldn’t be posting about refrigerators. Stick to the topic.

Success is different for everybody. Plus success means different things to different people.

Now I’m not trying to discourage you

I just want you to understand you must post knowledgeable information. You must have patience, it takes time to build the foundation before you put up the wall.

Study other marketers that are doing the same niche as you. See how they layout their information. Become a student once again.


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