Suggestions for setting up your home office

Setting up your office for a home based business requires some thought. Where in your home are your setting up for your business, in a quiet corner in the house? An extra room in the house Or a specific space in your living room.

Things to consider in the setup of home office.

A. You need adequate lighting. Its extremely difficult to type or hand write in a dim room.

B. You will need a comfortable chair to sit in. Something cushy but not a wooden hard chair. You do not want to have a backache from sitting for long periods of time.

C. You will need a desk of some sort or a good folding table.

D. You will need a filing cabinet to keep papers and records that are important. Also, receipts for tax deductions.

E. You will need a telephone with a hand free headset. You don’t want a sore neck from holding the phone in the bend of your neck. Also, if using a smart phone, your don’t want to subject yourself to all the bad radiation that comes from a cell phone.

F. You will need a computer, scanner, Printer, and internet access.

G. Need a calendar to write down important meetings or appointments.

H. A to do list

This information should be helpful for your to get started. I wish your much success in your future business.

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