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Super Keyword Tool-An opening paragraph about keywords is a paragraph that introduces a topic by using specific words or phrases that describe the topic. These words or phrases are called keywords. The purpose of using keywords in an opening paragraph is to give a general overview of the topic and to make it easier for readers to find the topic when searching for it. Keywords can be separate words or word combinations that describe the topic¹.

Have you used research tool looking for keywords? They are extremely helpful when writing a blog. There are many keyword search tools available online.

Some popular one’s include Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz Keyword Explorer, and Ubersuggest. The very best one I have found, is called JAXXY. This tool is AWESOME.

Alphabet Soup Platform

Sometimes when you are doing research it isn’t easy. We have taken one of the most powerful research techniques and automated it. Take any search term or phrase and quickly build an alphabetized list or search phrase variants from it. From one search, you will literally have 100’s of awesome keywords that you can then use for your SEO or PPC campaigns


291Relevant Results

Average Per Search

Find, Assess, Dominate

There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking. Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that Jaxxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds using Jaxxy.

Brainstorm the Hottest Trends

Within Jaxxy you have access to a brainstorm feature that is going to allow you to dissect the hottest product, information, and search trends TODAY. Having this insight will lead you to incredible new opportunities and the ability to stay in tune across many niches.

Uncover Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Looking for lucrative affiliate opportunities? Search, find and analyze affiliate programs utilizing the Affiliate Program search function and our database of over 15,000 affiliate programs. Uncovering new affiliate programs and new opportunities has never been this straightforward.

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Niche Research

SiteRank for SEO

Where Am I Ranked in Search?

Before SiteRank at Jaxxy, it was very difficult to determine where your website was ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SiteRank truly bridges the gap between your website and your awareness as to where it is ranked under the keywords that you choose to “track”. These insights will allow you to quickly determine what website activities are leading to rankings in search and which one’s may not be.



For Any Keyword

1.8 Seconds

Search Google/Yahoo/Bing

Ready. Set. Automate.

You can efficiently set-up campaigns to track rankings for your websites within Jaxxy SiteRank. You can choose the frequency in which you track your website rankings and it is completely hands free. As your website rankings go up or down, you will be notified within the platform and you will be able to use your historical ranking trends to master SEO.Try

STARTERbest to try Jaxxy service

. Starter TrialChoose Trial

30 Keyword Searches
20 Search Results
Website Analyzer
Affiliate Program Finder
Keyword List Manager
Brainstorm Idea Feed
Keyword Competition Data
1x Speed
Affiliate Program
30 SiteRank Analysis Scans

ProMost popular for New websites

$49/choose Pro

Everything From STARTER
Sortable Search Results
Unlimited Search History
Search Analysis
Manual QSR Search
Manual Domain Search
Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
2x Multi-Threaded Search
2K SiteRank Analysis Scans

Enterprisefor Power users

$99/choose Enterprise

Everything From PRO
35 Search Results
5x Speed
Automated QSR
Automated Domain Search
Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
5x Multi-Threaded Search
Unlimited Keyword Lists
10K SiteRank Analysis Scans

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