What is Productivity?

What is Productivity?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity is a measure of economic performance that compares the amount of goods and services produced (output) with the amount of inputs used to produce those goods and services.

Ever come across the term “productive procrastination”? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, what about those SMART goals you were going to write for next week or next month? Instead of working on those goals, you are replying to low-priority emails, tidying your work space, or “chewing the rag” (as we say in Jersey) with friends on live chat.

You are Busy, But are You Productive?

Or, maybe you intend to start a MMO, but instead you end up checking out YouTube videos or you’re commenting on 50 WA websites (Mea Culpa). Again, you appear to be very active, but are you progressing towards your real goal?

Productive procrastination is when you’re diligently working away, checking off tasks from your list. Your mind is busy, your hands are typing away, and you are having fun. Yet, are you being productive?

Busyness VS Productivity

While you are humming with activity, you are essentially running on a treadmill – lots of energy, but no forward progress. This is why productive procrastination is an illusion. Says, Leon, Founder of LifeHack. It dupes us into thinking we’re being productive when all we’re doing is using busyness as a shield to protect us from the tasks that matter.

The key is not just working hard, but working on the right things. Being busy and being productive are not the same. Here is Leon’s list of pitfalls.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Productive Procrastination

  1. Identify your most important tasks and activities that contribute to your goals. These tasks are the ones that “move the needle.” They are tasks that just keep you busy. These tasks keep you busy and help you advance.
  2. Tackle these tasks early in the day when your energy level is at its peak. The morning hours are when we are refreshed. Use this time to dive into your most important tasks. You are more likely to complete them effectively and efficiently, without distractions and demands that often pile up as the day progresses.
  3. If Mornings aren’t your jam, block off specific time in your schedule for these tasks. Not everyone is a morning person. I get that. You may have other commitments. Here’s where you can time-block your schedule to complete your tasks. Choose whatever time slot works best for you.

Beating procrastination can feel like an uphill battle. The journey is much smoother when you’re not going it alone. We have a great group of people that are available 24/7. You even have access to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.


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