What Scares you about an Online business?

What scares you about an online business? Fear of being a failure? Fear of being a success? Fear of what family and friends say? This decision is yours to make!

What questions should I ask when starting a business?

What are my goals?
Do I have a product in mind that the people are looking for? Digital or Brick and Mortar?
Do you want your business to be a side hustle or full time income?

Do you want to be in business for yourself or have a partner? There are pros and cons to both of these.

You have to understand you will be spending a lot of time getting your business going whether its on line or brick and mortar.

Follow your Passion

Because you must have a passion for whatever opportunity you are going to be promoting, If you love something you never stop talking about it. You will be spending a lot of time working with it.

How do you answer what are you Passionate about?

  • How to answer the question “What are you passionate about?” Select something you’re genuinely passionate about. Explain why you’re passionate about it. Give examples of how you’ve pursued this passion.
  • Should You Follow Your Passion?

    • So if you ask me, “should you follow your passion” then I would absolutely say yes but do so with some boundaries set around it, be realistic and practical for what you can and can’t do. There is nothing wrong with experimenting but never lever your pursuit of passion turn into a never-ending chore
  • The other side of the coin is :Should we really be following our passion?
  • We’ve long heard the platitude of “follow your passion” when considering a career choice, but is this really the best advice? Should we really be following our passion? I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs) because he has a lot of non-conventional ideas about work, specifically his advice to “not follow your passion but to bring your passion with you to work.” In fact, before going on, read this post from Mike Rowe where he responds to an Alabamian who asks why he shouldn’t follow his passion

Can’t Figure Out Your Passion?

‘What Was I Like When I Felt The Freest??

Imagine a time when they were young and felt the freest. What did you smell, see, feel? What were you doing?

When we can remember our younger sense and the essence of what allows us to feel free we can move forward in our careers and lives in our passion. There is a lot of truth in our childhoods we can bring to the forefront when our adult self is feeling hopeless. – Heather Murphy, Authentically: Business & Life Solutions

‘What Comes Easy To Me?

Ask yourself and ask others, “What comes easily to me?” and listen to yourself and other close connections. What they may tell you is that you are naturally inquisitive, you easily converse with people and react positively to change. Even if you think this is normal for you, it may be a struggle for others. What you are hearing are your natural abilities that speak to your passions. – John M. O’Connor, Career Pro Inc.

‘What Would I Do If I Didn’t Have To Work??

What if you had all the money in the world, and didn’t have to work — what is the one thing you would love to do or play at, that could occupy and absorb you for hours at a time? But here lies the rub: Even play can be a lot of hard work. Think golf. Perhaps it’s the thought of putting in the effort that frightens passion away. – Gaurav Bhalla, Knowledge Kinetics

What Do I Daydream About?

People lose their passion when they lose their ability to dream. Everyone has a dream. The key to finding real passion happens when leaders lear’n to dream again. Doing is always preceding by dreaming. When a person has developed a clear picture of what they would like to accomplish they have taken the first step to growing their passion. Passion is high for leaders who have a clear purpose. – Ken Gosnell, CEO Experience

These Four Questions will help you at least think about what you really want in life

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