Your Starter Membership is free. Yes, FREE!

Your Starter Membership is free.

Yes, FREE—no asterisk to refer to the “except” at the bottom of the page, just FREE!

There is no obligation to pay anything to join Wealthy Affiliate. But you already know that because you are here.

You can access all the Starter Membership features for free, including:

  • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate community Chat, Profile Pages, and Blogs.
  • Access to the first 5 lessons of the 2 Wealthy Affiliate core training courses.
  • A to the Wealthy Affiliate website builder.


To let you see what the community is all about, from the training to the community support, so that you can make the best decision for YOU!

It is kind of like shopping for a car.

You get to kick the tires, look under the hood, play with the radio—even take it for a test drive (with your new website!).

Or kind of like hunting for a house or apartment.

If you go to an Open House, or arrange for a private showing—you can view the spacious family area, open the kitchen cabinets and drawers, check out the bathrooms.

But unlike your brand-spanking new website at Wealthy Affiliate, unless you commit, to buy that car or rent/buy that apartment/house, you don’t get to drive away or move in.

Yes, you can

Yes, you can still advance to Premium after your 7 days are up.

You have 7 days to kick the tires on Wealthy Affiliate…but, if you decide you don’t want to stay, you will still have access to your website and your Profile Page for 6 months as long as you are a Starter member—you just won’t have access to oil changes or tire rotations, or software updates for your radio…you won’t have the unparalleled tech support, training, and keyword search Wealthy Affiliate.


I have spent time promoting the value of Wealthy Affiliate features, but I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on the value of another…

Our Individual Members!

Each Premium or Premium Plus member was, at one time, a Starter Member. Currently, the Community I have referred to is not only Kyle and Carson, the co-founders, and the staff, but over 400,000 active Members. They actively provide most of your welcomes, training, information, answers to questions, and more. They provide value that cannot be estimated or equaled in the industry.


Yes, you…we want you to join us, to help us to help you and each other find the success we are all searching for. But if you just can’t right now, we understand. But, please don’t forget about us…we will still be waiting to welcome you.

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