All of us want others to like us.

Do your friends and family like you?

All of us want others to like us. We are, after all, social beings. Most of us really enjoy being with others. It is suggested that satisfying social interaction is an important component of wellness generally speaking. But if your want others to engage with your favorably your must reciprocate. You must be someone others want to be with. I know I’m stating the obvious here.

But the same is true in business.

If your want hordes of regular customers your have to be someone that people know, like and trust. Again I am stating the obvious here but, as someone offers products or services in the online space, your are pretty much always in the public eye. Your work is on display for all to see. Your output is like a permanent billboard floating out there in cyberspace. What sort of image are your trying to create? How do your want others to perceive your?

How is your Image?

You most certainly want to create an image, or brand, that others will see as strikingly competent, honest, professional and suggests that your are someone who can provide great value. Everything your do, everything your produce should be approached with this in mind.

It occurred to me this morning as I was creating some written content I intended to employ as a blog post. It happened this morning, as it sometimes does, that in my third or fourth review of the material, I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that had to be corrected. It surprised me that those errors escaped my attention on the first or second review. (I hope my brother doesn’t ever see this post. I know what he’ll say is the reason).

The point I’m trying to make is that there is no substitute for the information .

Your content will be out there for all to see forever unless your take it down. We should all do our best to ensure that the material we produce reflects, or enhances, the way we want people to perceive us, our work and the incredible community here at WA of which we are all a part.

Why not join us?

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