Do your emotions control you?

Do your emotions control you?

This is something I struggle with. I am an all or nothing person. If I am on something and some part of it is s messed up, I tend to give up. Sound familiar? I think we all can relate to this.


What exactly are they and how do the affect your business? Do they hold you back while you are trying to be successful at your business, or working on a project? How about if you are working n a craft? I like to cross stitch, but if I make a mistake and have to tear out the whole row, I tend to lay it aside for another day instead of correcting the problem right there.

Definition of emotions according to Wikipedia:

Emotions can be defined as “a positive or negative experience that is associated with a particular pattern or activity.

Do Emotions effect our daily lives?

Of course, they do. We can be angry at one moment and relieved the next. We cry at stupid little things. We laugh and feel joyful when our toddler shows us something that’s important to them but funny to us. Life is a mixture of emotions. Acknowledge them and move on. It does no good to brood all day over something we cannot fix.

Emotions can make it hard to be successful.

Sometimes, it’s just not OK. You’re not OK. Life isn’t OK. Things are not OK. There is pain, disappointment, anger, fear and it feels like more than you can bear. You can’t stand up as it crashes down on you. You have nothing left. You’re lost. You can’t escape. But oh no, you’ll just have to go through it (yep that’s a ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ reference).

To be in a moment where it feels like you have nothing left, is the worst place to be on earth. And yet, I’m here to say, it is possible to walk on, to stand, to get through it

You can not have the all or nothing attitude. You must acknowledge the problem and work thru it. Ask for help if you get stuck. There is always someone who has achieved success that can help you along the way. Its good to get someone else s perspective on topics.


When we are in the depths of despair, like literally on the floor, can’t move: there is hope. Hope helps us to achieve the impossible. Because hope feeds the leap of faith. It fuels grit and determination. It pushes us forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. As the original Superman says, “Once you choose hope, anything is possible”, (so said Christopher Reeve).

I am so thankful for hope. It’s a gift that rises to the surface when there is suffering. Have you noticed that? We don’t talk about hope when all is well, when we’re strong and sure. Hope comes to play when we are unsure, when things are out of our control, when the outcome is out of our hands.

I don’t think that hope ever leaves us. I think it is sewn into our souls from the moment we are given life. The Bible refers to it as one of the three things we need when all else is stripped away, “and now these three remain; faith, hope and love…”

I feel hope is a very good emotion. This is one word that can renew your soul. When we have hope that is the first step to being successful in whatever you choose.

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