How are you feeling today?

How are you feeling today? Are you letting your age hold you back? Are you placing limits on yourself and what you can do?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a younger or a slightly older person full of life. Your feelings define who you are.

Ask yourself:

Do I still have a spark within me, or have I closed the doors to my inner life?

Don’t delay your life’s journey by saying you’re too old for something.

Or that you’ll wait for the right time because you’re still young.

Don’t let others restrict you and don’t ever restrict yourself.

Believe in yourself so you can achieve.

Take that step forward and affirm to yourself that you deserve a better life.

Say it with conviction:

“I will move ahead.

I will make my dreams come true because I deserve it.

“When you start believing from within, you are now starting to create a more positive mindset.

From there you take positive action.

That is when you take the first step forward toward turning your dreams into reality. You have the power within you to achieve much more. then you may think.

If others around you are holding you back, change your life and take action.

It can be challenging at first, but it will make you stronger.

Make that positive change, because on the other side of success lies the reality of your dreams.

Don’t worry about what others think, they don’t live your life.

Some may say you can’t do something because of your age if you are young or that you should wait until you’re older.

You may have even adopted those thoughts yourself after believing in others.

Take action Now!

If you haven’t made progress in following your dreams, don’t wait any longer.

The longer you wait, it will stay as is “A Dream”.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and if you only dream without taking action, time will pass you by.

The best time to start, no matter your age is now.

There is a beautiful and very powerful set of words one of our members here would say.

Our wonderful and beautiful Cassi of Troy has three simple words but powerful ones at that.

“Change Your Script”

Remember, age is not a barrier.

Your new beginning starts now with you.

It’s never too late to believe in yourself and what you can do.

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure ask a question to the community or in live chat.

You can achieve so much by believing more within yourself.

It’s your life, so why not take the first step forward?

Take positive action by believing in yourself.

Then take the next step forward and work towards your life goals.

Learn to rediscover that inner strength within your one that has always been there.

Believe and take positive action, and you will progress in life.

Please note:

What I wrote above may resonate in many ways as everyone has different levels in life.

This can also be on the surface or at a subconscious level.

Take what applies to you in your current life.

But the one area that applies to everyone is this:

If you want to move forward in life, the only way to turn your dreams into reality is by taking that first step forward.

From there you take the next stop and rinse and repeat.

There may be times when you need to rest before the next step.

When you do take the next step make sure you’re facing the right direction.

Never look or step back, as doubt and failure live in that direction.

Move forward and believe in yourself.

You are worth it.


If you need inspiration and proof that Age is No Barrier take a look at the YouTube clip it is about the same lady in the image above who is 72 years of age when the Video was taken.

So what’s your excuse?

Don’t place limitation on yourself.

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