Is Money A Curse

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you something I read about a couple of days ago, and it has really been stuck in my head.

And that is the money curse.

And I will explain to you what I mean about the money curse, because money is pretty much why we all are here.

So the money curse is when someone just gets a lot of money without working for it. Which many would think is good, but the post I read talks about this as a curse.


The post had a good example here, let’s say someone just gets 100 million dollar just like that out of thin air. What would really happen?

Now this person is rich, but what have they learned? NOTHING! That is the whole curse.

It isn’t about the money, it is about the journey to become rich and earn the money! Now I don’t believe that most of you reading this don’t have any experience or haven’t learned anything. I believe the opposite; you probably have experience and learned a thing or two. But I am referring to someone who just have money, and never even done anything for it.

So, what can this really mean for you? You are working, and you won’t really get a lot of money without putting in effort.

Well this simply show that just get money won’t help, you wouldn’t learn anything really. And that your failures and regrets is a very important lesson for life. And with that comes the money.

And if you ask me, my failures and regrets are very important for me, it is those that prepare me for the earnings, the work, etc.

That for me is what really counts, more than getting 1 million right away, even if i want to get the money now.

Take care everyone!

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