Permission To Fail – Denied

Permission to fail – denied.

Have you ever felt like a failure? I think that we all have from time to time.

A maxim that I have always lived and worked by. And I hope that this short blog helps someone that just might be struggling right now for any number of reasons. How many folk do you know that say “I will have a try, I’ll give it a go” They’ve already set themselves up to fail.

And what is a dictionary definition of the word “try”. To make an attempt to do something. That implies that there is room for failure and that is no good to us. We want to win.

And … the hardest person you will ever battle against is yourself. Your will to win is battling who … it’s fighting your own desire to fail; and because you are only trying, you accept defeat as the norm.

Why do it. Why let yourself down.

How many people keep “trying” different schemes and different marketing or money making methods; only to declare that none of them work. Of course they don’t work, none of them work, that’s why there is a quarter of million folk, or however many it is, making money at it right now.

Things get tough with any enterprise at times. It’s why entrepreneurs of any level can succeed. They will tough it out, they will adapt and improvise until they overcome the difficulties.

For several months, I commuted by train into Birmingham city centre, every morning. And every morning, at one particular stop, I would see the same people rushing up the station ramp just as the train doors were about to close. Sometimes they made it, just. Other times, they were 10 yards short. In fact, I treated it as a game and actually willed the doors to close before Mr brown briefcase made it. Will Mrs red shoes get on the platform today or … no, she’s still in the ticket office. That’s two-nil to me. Ha ha, better luck tomorrow folks.

What would be easier. Change railway stations and hope they have different trains on that line, or stick with the same station but modify our behavior every so slightly, and leave home just one minute earlier.

So when it is difficult, just have a few minutes quiet thought and ask yourself what it is you need to do to get through this. How can you achieve the next step, what does it take. How will you overcome. And, you are not alone, there are thousands of others who have been there before you, had the same difficulties and persevered until they made it. If they can, you can.

Don’t give yourself permission to fail. Do whatever it takes to make this happen. A great saying to keep in mind – whatever it takes as long as it takes. Ask yourself, what do I need to do now, to make this work ,for me at this moment in time.

Permission to fail – DENIED

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