So How Does Writing Down Our Goals Work?

So how does writing down our goals work? There are a few possible explanations:

  1. Clarifies our goals: Writing down our goals helps us to clarify what we want to achieve and how we will achieve it. This process of reflection can help us to identify potential obstacles and come up with solutions to overcome them.
  2. Increases accountability: When we write down our goals, we create a sense of accountability. We are more likely to follow through on our goals when we have a written reminder of what we want to achieve.
  3. Boosts motivation: Writing down our goals can also boost motivation by helping us to visualize the benefits of achieving our goals. This visualization can help us to stay focused and committed to our goals.

Overall, the evidence suggests that writing down our goals can increase the likelihood of achieving them by clarifying our goals, increasing accountability, and boosting motivation. By creating a written reminder of what we want to achieve and how we will achieve it, we can increase our chances of success.

Most of us put off starting something new till next Monday. That’s for diets or starting a new craft.

The only thing that does is put off something you really don’t want to do

Success takes research and perseverance, it does not happen overnight.
No matter what you choose I wish you much success.


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