Blogging is not overnight success.


You come up with a great idea, you research the topic and then you blog.

Blogging isn’t a quick sprint to fame; it’s a marathon, a winding path through words and ideas.

It’s like planting a seed, watching it sprout, nurturing it through sun and rain, and celebrating when it finally blooms.

Every post is a step, every comment a milestone. You learn to grow thick skin against doubt and nourish your passion with dedication.

The best blogs

The best blogs are the ones that have thoughtful and helpful information in them. I think everyone has a story to tell and could make a good blog. You must put the time in and do good research on the certain topic.

When people view or share your information it makes it all worthwhile. There is a certain satisfaction to writing or blogging, putting information into a story. Your Story. It’s a good feeling knowing you are connecting with others.


You don’t become successful overnight, it’s a lot of hit and misses until you find your tribe. (People who consistently come back and read your blogs.)

It’s nice when you can monetize your blog, ( make money) it makes you feel that you have accomplished something unique to you and a way to provide for your family.

Happy Creating to Blogging!

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