Choosing a niche can be frustrating….

We have been taught to select a niche that we are very passionate about. Something we love and can write about freely.

Do you have a hobby or an interest that gets your juices flowing and that you have some experience in?

It is said “do what you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. This simply means that, if you are inspired by the love of an undertaking, work just won’t seem like work!

I reviewed a post a while ago where the author’s content omitted some fundamental information on the topic the person was presuming to cover. It was patently obvious that the research behind the material was sorely inadequate. The author was clearly in ‘over their head’ so to speak. The thought occurred to me that the person was sabotaging their success even before they got started!

In this regard, the teaching that we get here at Wealthy Affiliate should be embraced and internalized. I refer specifically to the advice that our content must be thoroughly researched and well-presented before it is published. Your content simply cannot contain inaccuracies or glaring omissions.

The content you create is a reflection of you. How can people get to know, like and trust you if your content is sub-standard and lacking? The simple and obvious answer is that they won’t. They can’t!

Remember that your reputation follows you everywhere you go. Yes, it’s a huge world out there but it’s also a small world. Do not cut corners in an effort to just get some content out there! If it takes you a week to properly research a topic then make that investment! It is far better to take a week to create material that is exemplary than to have ten pages of material out there that is not up to par.

The lazy approach to marketing is self-defeating. You may as well save the effort and do something else. Production of material that is inferior can and will only lead to failure.

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