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Back in December, something exciting happened. We introduced the AI Author platform to our Premium Plus+ community.

Since then, it’s become a widely used feature within the P+ community, and those with access have gloated about the newfound efficiency and sheer speed they now have in the content creation process.

But we didn’t stop there….

Our team behind the scenes has been busy refining and tweaking the platform… ironing out any kinks to ensure the best user experience.

Guess what? The news just got better.

After all the polishing, we’ve decided it’s time to get this platform into EVERYBODY’S hands.

Premium members should now see 7,000 Word Credits in their accounts that they can now use to create AI driven content…this is enough for up to SEVEN 1,000 word articles per month.

And for those who are just starting with us, we’re giving Starter members a sneak peek into this AI content world as well. They will be granted 1,500 credits, along with any new member that joins moving forward.

AI Author Early Release and Upcoming Features

You might be wondering why we decided to let the cat out of the bag before our anticipated spring launch.

The answer’s simple: the platform is running seamlessly, and we’re confident that it’s ready for you to take it for a spin.

This platform will help you create niche content quickly and efficiently. Remember though, we are moving to an AI-assisted world, not AI created. So there will almost certainly be refinements, polishing, enhancements, and imagery you will be adding afterwards.

But that article that once took DAYS to complete, is now in your hands within MINUTES. Add another 15-30 minutes polishing it, and you are live with high quality, helpful niche related content!

On top of that, we’re not sitting on our hands when it come to future updates and improvements. We’re already planning to introduce new features into these platforms (Hubs, Designer, Author) in February and March.

The platform here at WA has never been so dynamic and progressive, and we are excited to help you become more efficient and more productive ever through technology updates we are making. With lot happening very fast within the online and AI world’s, we are going to keep you ahead of the game.

If you’re itching for a catch-up or you’re new to this whole AI Author concept, don’t worry. You can get a solid grip on how everything works through the following video:

===> AI Authors Unleashed – From a Day’s Work, to Minutes

You’ll find everything laid out there, as I walk you through the process.

Again, this leap into the AI-assisted world isn’t just about getting ahead – though that’s a huge part of it. It’s also about equipping you with the tools you need to stay at the forefront of business creation. In my opinion, that’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

The Word Credits Breakdowns.

I want to just take a moment to give you a full break-down of Word Credits. This is how the credit schedule looks:

Starter: 1,500 Credits (one time)
Premium Members: 7,000 Credits, refreshing monthly on your join date
Premium Plus+ Members: 15,000 Credits, refreshing monthly on your join date

There are also credits available for purchase if you need more, and these are on an “a la cart” basis. That is something you are in full control of.

Do know that the Word Credits do not roll-over from one month to the next. We want you to actively use your credits to build out your website and business, so USE your credits that you have available to you each and every month. ๐Ÿ™‚

For those who’ve always had the drive but not the time, your moment has arrived.

Prepare to be blown away by what you can accomplish with our robust AI Authors at at your disposal. It’s time to craft, connect, and scale in the new world of business creation.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, fell free to leave them in the comments below. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kyle co founder

Kathie https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=ac05fa29

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