Product Review of Authority Hacker

Introduction to Authority Hacker

2010 We started our first business together, a full-service digital marketing agency. We grew a team of 30 people and worked with several Fortune 500 clients.

2013 Started our first big authority site that would go on to get over 600,000 monthly visitors

2014 Authority Hacker was born. We originally built it just to document our tactics and share them with our team/friends.

2015 Launched our first course advanced Authority Hacker Pro. To this day we continue to add to and update AH Pro.

2016 Sold our agency, received a nice paycheck and started working full time on our growing portfolio of sites.

2018 Sold an 18-month-old authority site which we started for mid-six figures.

2021 Sold the site we built as a demo site in the first version of TASS for six figures.

2022 Re-launched AH Pro Platinum, our top-tier mastermind group where we have bi-weekly calls and training with members.

2023 Sold a site we built on a dropped domain for six figures.

An impressive affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to build authority websites and earn passive income.

Name: Authority Hacker

Website: Authority Hacker – Learn How to Build Authority Sites


Gael Breton

Gael has over 10 years of experience in building and growing websites. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from local businesses to fortune 500 company sites. Since starting out online, he has managed to take multiple blogs from blank WordPress installations to highly successful web properties that attract millions of visitors and generate 7-figures each year. Along the way, Gael shared his internet marketing knowledge as a speaker at Harvard, Wharton, and Oxford University.

Mark Webster

Mark started his first profitable site in 2008 and is obsessed with building efficient systems and processes. If there is a way to squeeze some extra efficiency out of a site, Mark will find it.

He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13. Having built multiple businesses, Mark knows how to deliver results. He’ll show you the best way to do that too.

Having worked with Gael since 2010, together they represent the proverbial Ying and Yang of online marketing. If Gael can dream it, Mark can do it.

Training Quality

Simply put, it’s a group of individuals sharing whatever they have learned while working in the niche of digital marketing. They have built a bouquet of courses under the Authority Hacker brand that aims to empower people with knowledge and hardcore skill about how to build and earn from high-quality Authority Sites. The programs offered by Authority Hacker are some most respected courses available in the niche of digital marketing. They’re also among the most highly rated. Let’s see what makes them stick! rating 4.8 out of 5.

How many courses does Authority Hacker offer?

Authority Hacker offers three different courses: The Authority Site System for beginners, Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals for all sites, and Authority Hacker Pro for established websites.


Fortunately, Authority Hacker doesn’t charge too much for the kind of knowledge and value it is offering. What it charges can be recovered in a few months of building your authority website.

The Authority Site System course of Authority Hacker is sold for $997, while the Authority Hacker Pro course is sold for $2,997

While that may sound like a lot of money, and while other cheaper courses are available in the market, we’re still compelled to say that the cost is justified when compared to the value that you get. None of the other courses that are cheaper provide the kind of 360-degree knowledge about digital marketing that’s provided by the courses of Authority Hacker.



Website included?

Authority Hacker’s base course, The Authority Site System, gives members a blueprint for achieving a Stage 1 authority website (aka. V1 site). It teaches the process of building an affiliate site that makes passive income.


Their ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ hosting plans start at $6.99/pm.

Which is one of the best web hosting deals you’ll find online right now.

But there are two things to watch out for here.

The first is that their ‘Startup’ WordPress hosting plans are heavily discounted right now – they normally cost $14.99/pm.

So you’ll need to prepare for your bill to double after your first year.

And secondly, that price only covers the cost of hosting one WordPress site with them.

Also, your site will sit on a shared hosting server – along with dozens of other affiliate marketing sites.

Free Trial

Free Training – AuthorityHacker

This sounds like a good opportunity, just pricey.

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