What have you found that is critical to your well-being?

As you think about and examined your life, have you determined what is it that stands out? What is it that you feel critical to your well-being? Until you identified those areas and write it down, they may appear to be insignificant.

If physical health has meaning to, write it down. Otherwise, you may miss the connection between wellness and diet and continue to eat too many oleaginous foods that are not healthy for you.

Once you decide what is meaningful in each area of life, determine what you must do to act in a way consistent with your priorities.


What qualities do you want from your relationships? Are your needs different from those you were led to believe are important? What elements would comprise an ideal relationship for you?


What does financial security mean to you? To what degree does money – or the lack of it- dictate how you live your life? I see some people use the lack of money as an excuse not to live their lives more fully. And some people who have a lot of money live an equally limited existence. They become overly responsible and never find time for their families and friends. And I see others with limited income lead wonderful, happy lives.

If Wealth, in and of itself, is not a determinant of happiness, why then, do most people center their lives around money? I understand, in large part, “security “ is the main reason. But do we become prisoners to money in the process? As an example, many people work at jobs they hate “ just for the money.” While others center their lives around money to gain acceptance. Some would rush to buy a home and a family they cannot afford, as it is what they think their families expect of them. Which would result to getting buried in debts and need to work two jobs.

Reassess your material needs to avoid the pitfalls of money. What must you sacrifice to own something you want to possess? Is the value worth it to you? Is it something you really want or is it a status symbol that others expect you to own?


Is spiritual growth important to you? Are you guided by moral sense or do live merely to self-serve?

There are people on the streets who have all but eliminated conscience from their lives. They lie, steal, cheat, and do bad things without remorse. This sociopathic attitude has become common place in all levels of our society. Some corporate raiders and executives do basically the same thing. They are motivated strictly by gratification and are not at all concerned with the consequences of their actions.

Do you live your life according to a set of principles, or are you complacent about your surroundings? Do you simply allow things that are inherently wrong, or do you address them? Are you aware of the quality of energy you put out every time you say, do or think of something? Do you contemplate the positive or negative consequences

of your actions?


Have you thought about your career aspirations? Do you recognize that you will never get to anywhere if you do not have a plan and the desire to get there? You won’t be able to break through the frustrations and limitations of your present position.

As you find a million and one excuses to avoid taking the actions that will expand or change the direction of your career, you could just as easily find a million and one reasons to alter them.

All things happen in good time if they are worth waiting for, and you should not defer, limit or ignore your goals simply because they take longer than expected. By focusing your attention on them, you will be able to nurture them to completion with favorable outcomes.


Setting aside personal time each day can help to foster your creative, intellectual and spiritual growth. You need personal time to be creative. It doesn’t matter what you create, as long as you receive pleasure from the creation. Many people prevent themselves from creating because they cannot justify the time involved. Don’t justify your actions and mode of expression to anyone. Nobody’s judgment should deter you from your creative outlets.



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