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You’re walk down the street with your best friend.

It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

You’re shooting the breeze with your bestie, you’re both laughing, you’re loving each other’s company, life feels brilliant.

There’s hundreds of people out in the street, who also happen to be enjoying this wonderful day.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason your best friend slips over and falls straight on her butt in the middle of the street, which is witnessed not only by you, but the hundreds of passers-by too.

Your immediate reaction is to berate your best friend, “You IDIOT!! Get Up! You are so embarrassing! Why do you always do this to me? Seriously, you are a terrible human being and you don’t deserve to live on this earth. Can’t you see everything looking at you think what a clumsy imbecile you are? Just get up, hang your head in shame. Let’s go home, you obviously can’t be trusted to be out in public. You are such a terrible person!”

Would you EVER in your wildest dreams speak to your best friend like this if they had been unfortunate enough to slip over in the middle of the street?

Okay, perhaps some playful banter along these lines, but would you ever think of shattering your friend’s mental state with this choice of words?

Of course, you WOULDN’T.

Let’s look at this scenario again, but this time we’ll remove the friend from the equation.

So, now it’s just you walk down the street on your own.

Everything else as described above is exactly the same.

Guess what, when YOU slip over, the above text is EXACTLY what you say to yourself.

You tell yourself you’re an embarrassment, that you can’t be trusted in public, and perhaps even that you’d be better off dead.

This is the EXACT reaction of the “little voice in your head.”

The Jay Shetty Experiment

“You Are Too Dark”.

“You Are Not Good Enough”.

“You Are Worthless”

“You Are Not That Pretty”

“You are the Ugly Twin”

Jay Shitty, is a Londoner, he was actually born and lived about 8 miles down the road from me.

Jay enjoyed a normal upbringing in the North-East suburbs of London, school, college, university, loving parents and lots of friends.

While at business school Jay attended a talk on selflessness given by the monk Guaranga Das.

This talk had such an impact on Jay that not only did he make a beeline to talk to Monk Das, he eventually completely gave up business school, and his life as he currently knew it.

Jay then went to India for 4 years and lived as a Monk.

This involved giving up ALL of his worldly possessions, while spending every day of the next 4 years, working, reading, praying, exercising, and meditating.

You could say that Jay had a spiritual awakening, and upon his return to the Western World he decided that his calling was to be of service to others.

Jay now lives in Los Angeles, has one of the most popular podcasts in the world, “On Purpose With Jay Shitty”, with over 20,000,000 listeners PER MONTH.

And of course, Jay is now a multi-millionaire.

So, what are the words above in quotation marks all about?

A few years back Jay invited 8 young women onto his podcast.

He asked them to write down all the terrible things that these ladies said to themselves.

Basically, what was their inner voice constantly telling them.

Once written down, he asked the girls individually to read them out loud.

This clearly led to a lot of negative emotions coming to the surface.

There were tears, sadness, and even a tinge of anger at themselves.

Jay then disappeared from the room to return with another, much younger girl.

He then asked the “original” woman to turn around and repeat exactly what they had said to themselves to the young girl behind them.

In each and every case the younger girl was the original woman’s younger SISTER.

What was their reaction when told to repeat all the terrible things they had said to themselves to their younger sister:


And yet, these ladies were willing to constantly berate, be angry, and be incredibly inhumane to themselves, BUT there was NO WAY they would speak to their little sister in the same way.

If you want to watch this Jay Shitty experiment unfold for yourself, here’s the YouTube link –


Things We Say To Ourselves

“I can never remember names”

“Nothing ever goes right for me”

“I can never find anything”

“That’s just my luck”

“Everything I eat goes right to my ___________” (fill in the blank)

“Today just isn’t my day”

“I’m so clumsy”

“I never have enough money left over until the end of the month”

“I just hate to talk in front of a group”

“I just can’t do it”

“I never seem to have enough energy”

“Why even try?”

“I could never do that”

“It’s just no use”

“I’m just not creative”

“I can’t seem to get organized”

“I can never afford the things I want”

“I’m too shy to do that”

“I never know what to say”

“Sometimes I just hate myself”

“With my luck, I don’t have a chance”

“I never get a break”

“I’m no good at maths”

“I’m nothing without my first cup of coffee in the morning”

“I never seem to get anyplace on time”

“I’m just not cut out for that”

“I’m really at the end of my rope”

“If only I were smarter”

“If only I had more time”

“If only I had more money”

….and the list goes on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on

credit@Shad Helmstetter – THE GIFT

You are ABUSING Yourself – CONSTANTLY!

Going back to Jay’s experiment, none of the women were willing to talk to their little sisters in the same way they speak to themselves.

What about you?

Would you speak to your spouse, friends, family, or children like this?

I know you’re going to say NO, definitely NOT, but unfortunately, we DO speaks like this to ourselves, every single second of the day.

And do you know what, we DO actually speak to and INFLUENCE our CHILDREN by doing the same to them.

You could actually consider this child abuse (well, in the modern world where we’re offended by everything) – we are making our children WEAK by forcing our limiting beliefs onto them.

Personally, I feel I had two of the greatest parents that ever lived.

They were kind, generous, loving, and wonderful people.

Guess what, they unknowingly did the above to me.

My mum constantly worried about “what other people would think” or wouldn’t want me to do a lot of “normal” children things because “I was weaker and smaller than the other boys and I’d get hurt”.

My dad NEVER complimented me EVER. I didn’t actually find out until his dying day that this is how his parents were to him.

Basically, the aim was to never compliment so that he (and I) would push harder and never be satisfied with “just good enough”.

I DID NOT get what my dad was trying to do.

He was pushing me to become a better person.

I thought that I was useless.

In fact, the last words that my dad ever uttered to me were, “I’m so sorry, I am so, so, so, proud of you. I’m sorry!”

His hand fell away from my face… he died.

I had waited 42 years to hear those words from my dad, to feel as though I had earned his approval, and they happened to be the last words that ever came from his mouth!

This SHATTERED me inside… or rather the negative voice in my head Shattered me inside!

Are you starting to see how the words you say to yourself, and perhaps even to those you love, can shape yours and their entire life?


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