Mindset for Success

What is Mindset for Success

In order to be successful in anything you have to have the correct mindset. I feel that the only way you can attain this is to have a passion for what you want to accomplish in life.

The definition of mindset according to Wikipedia

A mindset is an “established set of attitudes, esp. regarded as typical of a particular group’s social or cultural values; the outlook, philosophy, or values of a person; (now also more generally) frame of mind, attitude, [and] disposition.”[1] It may also arise from a person’s worldview or beliefs about the meaning of life.[2]

Mindset – Wikipedia

The right mindset (what I call a success mindset) is what:

  • Convinces you to start before you feel ready,
  • Motivates you to keep going (even though you known you might fail),
  • Keeps you focused so that you don’t get distracted or procrastinate, and
  • Empowers you to learn from and bounce back from setbacks (instead of giving up discouraged).

The Importance of Mindset

It’s important to note that having the right mindset doesn’t guarantee success. Contrary to the claims of many, you’re not able to *poof* manifest success within your business or your personal life just because you have the right mindset.

But your mindset does determine how you perceive the world, the people in it and your role within the world. And how you perceive yourself and the world heavily influences your behavior (including your habits). That’s obviously going to impact your results – as well as your happiness.

How to Know What Your Mindset Is

It’s not always easy to spot when a negative mindset is taking over. That’s because you think it’s just the truth or being real. But it’s not (it’s just your inner critical voice telling you that an opinion is truth).

So, how will you known? Be on the lookout for hyper-critical, fear-based and self-limiting statements within your head.

Here are some of the most common negative thoughts (and how to turn them around):

What Is A Success Mindset?

A success mindset is a combination of:

Growth Mindset + Service Mindset + Leader Mindset

Here’s what a success mindset will help you to do:

  • Be resilient to stress.
  • Think calmly and creatively when under pressure.
  • Learn from mistakes and failures.
  • View problems as challenges to be solved.
  • Act despite fears and doubts.
  • Be decisive.

A success mindset triggers strategic thinking, builds self-confidence and empowers you to correct when things don’t go as planned. It’s what enables you to live your life to the fullest and not have regrets.

5 Effective Mindset Strategies For Success

1. Be Curious-

Curiosity will open your mind to the many possibilities, focusing on what can be learned (not what you supposedly known to be right).You won’t be attached to only one way of doing things, one answer to a problem or one path to completion. That means that you’ll be willing to get (and accept) help. And you’ll be less likely to take setbacks personally. Instead of seeing new problems as barriers, you’ll see them as challenges to be solved (excited to see what happens). Hence, you’ll be more open when complications arise and circumstances change (and much less likely to get stuck in worry or discouraged).

2: Learn From Failure

This one is truly difficult not to take to heart, sometimes you mess up and think you are a total failure. YOU ARE NOT!

Remember that a growth mindset embraces learning. And that includes learning from mistakes, setbacks, difficult circumstances and failures.

3: Practice Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is about acknowledging mistakes and then forgiving yourself for them. Learn to say NO to people

Want an unexpected tip for how to be more self compassionate? Say no more often.

Here’s the thing: saying no isn’t really about the no. It’s an enforcement mechanism to uphold your boundaries. And boundaries are for the purpose of meeting your needs and upholding your priorities.

4: Use Positive Self-Talk

Your inner voice can be your best ally. Positive self-talk can motivate you in the face of a challenge and keep you focused. But it’s not just about helping you do more because positive self-talk will also boost your performance.

The key is to use positive self-talk correctly. being overly positive doesn’t work. And saying something over and over (that you don’t really believe) won’t magically change your mind.

Here’s how to make positive self-talk work for you:

  • Be real (no false information or lies);
  • Narrate a story as to WHY you believe it (citing evidence for it);
  • Talk to yourself in the second-person (“you can do it” instead of “I can do it”); and
  • Talk out loud.

5: Ask For Help

It’s easy to feel like you have to do it all when climbing the success ladder. You want to prove your worth, lead with confidence and be the person others rely on.

But the thing is, you’re not supposed to do it all. And human beings aren’t meant to go solo all the time. There’s a reason that everyone has their own unique skills and strengths.

That’s why it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Delegate where you can and get help where you’re weak.

Strong leaders aren’t afraid to ask for (or accept) help. In fact, the best leaders understand the importance of working together and highlight the strengths of others for the benefit of the team.

Moreover, success can feel lonely. Leadership has its benefits, but makes it difficult to find the support you need. That’s why it’s important to have mentors, trusted colleagues and friends that you can turn to.

You might even consider hiring a coach (here’s where to learn more about my mindset leadership coaching).

If you are looking for information on how to become successful, take a look here

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